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This course deals with the 10 fundamental aspects that every Artist must know in order to market their business, protect their art, and turn their talent into a business. The primary focus covers the rights of the professional and the most important ways to market them.

You'll learn:

  1. What are the aspects of an artist that are monetized
  2. The rights that are signed with a label
  3. The contractual relationship between an artist and a label
  4. The aspects of a 360 contract
  5. Different forms of income that the Artist must understand
  6. The artist's relationship with his producer, manager, composers
  7. And much more!


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Lawyer Pierre Hachar, Jr., Esq., named as one of the most important entertainment lawyers in the music industry by the magazine “Billboard”, focuses on the representation of artists, composers, producers and companies among the most recognized in the industry. Hachar has been a special guest expert by prestigious universities and institutions to share his knowledge of the laws of music and industry trends.