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Pierre Hachar is a leading lawyer in the music industry, named as one of Billboard magazine’s most recognized lawyers. Join our community, and turn your talent into your business today!

Lawyer Pierre Hachar, Jr., Esq., named as one of the most important entertainment lawyers in the music industry by the magazine “Billboard”, focuses on the representation of artists, composers, producers and companies among the most recognized in the industry. Hachar has been a special guest expert by prestigious universities and institutions to share his knowledge of the laws of music and industry trends.


Register your music

Learn the legal aspects of when your work is due and like and recorded.

Monetize your work

Learn the different rights that the law allows you, and how each right is monetized.


Negotiate in your favor

Learn tactics and strategies, using your position and knowledge to favor you in entertainment business.

Know your rights

Learn the fundamentals of how legal contracts are formed, necessary elements, important clauses, and the impact they can have on your career.

Create your growth strategy

Recognize your strengths, put legally structured growth strategies, assemble teams, and execute action plans.

Give value to your ideas

Grow value with key habits so that your works and intellectual properties grow in value and you charge more for your talents!

"My passion is to serve the creative industry through education for all, legal representation, and less thoughtful success!"

Pierre Hachar, Jr., Esq.


10 Things to Know as an Artist

10 Things to Know as a Producer

10 Things to Know as a Songwriter

10 Things to Know as a Manager

Without your music, there's no business

Our professional career managed to reach the next level, the second we are part of the Hachar / Redcarpetlaw family

Gente de Zona – Latin Grammy Award Winning Artist

Creating a successful artist requires teamwork, alliances, and collaborations between teams of companies that work together to develop the best career in music. Hachar and his team do that!

Fabio Acosta, manager of J Balvin‘ Vibras Lab

I could not have developed my international brand as an artist and DJ without Hachar and his team. The fundamental pillar of the career of any artist.

Alex Sensation – International Artist/DJ

Hachar and his team are a different species of lawyers, they bring value beyond contracts and negotiations, they help you learn during growth opportunities in your career.

Justin Quiles – International Artist